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The band

Misztrál – a musical ensemble formed in 1997 – is a popular formation of the Hungarian musical era. Their repertoire consists of both Hungarian and foreign poems, together with folksong-adaptations. The common root from which all their works stem is the famous tradition of Hungarian folkmusic, which is often mixed with certain branches of contemporary world music. Their songs have increasingly come to bear a certain quality, a unique „Misztrál-sound”, so to speak. The vocally pre-eminent and musically most proficient members of the ensemble have managed to meld their individual tastes and inspirations – which range from classical music, folk music and popular musical studies to sounds of both ancient and contemporary musical lineage – into one harmonic whole. These thirtysomething men have made a conscious decision to show the world the colourfulness of these most diverse poems now put to music. Their choices in verse reflect a powerful interest in European and Hungarian history alike. Apart from Hungarian poetry, they often draw inspiration from the evergreen fountains of European poetry as well (Baudelaire, Garcia Lorca, Villon).

Misztrál led a number of Hungarian early musicians and poem-singers in greeting the Europe-wide known humanist of Hungary.

These past 18 years have seen not only twelve discs (both CD and DVD) appear in quick succession, but also the establishment of the three-day Misztrál Festival in the heart of the Dunakanyar, near to Budapest, an event held traditional now by many – not to mention the creation of a national club-network. Apart from their country-crossing concerts, they have also performed abroad at a number of occasions, from Transylvania to the United States.

Together with the love of their ever-growing fanbase, they’ve also received critical acclaim: in 2006 the Béla Bartók Award, in 2008 the Bálint Balassi Medallion, in 2012 Hungarian Arts Award was awarded to them.

Members of the ensemble:

Miklós Heinczinger – recorders, clarinet, jew’s-harp, vocals
Gábor Pusztai –percussion
Tamás Tóbisz Tinelli – gituars, vocals
Máté Török – cello, gituar, mandolin, lute, vocals


Angyalszárny Maxi CD (2015. Gryllus Ltd.)
Babits CD+LP (2013. MACs Records)
Csillagvárás CD (2011. MACs Records)
Esti teázás CD (2010. MACs Records)
Álomkófic CD (2010. Gryllus Ltd.)
Janus Pannonius CD (2008. MACs Records)
Misztrál 10 (2CD) (2008. MACs Records)
Tíz esztendő félszáz dala (One decade’s fifty songs) (scorebook) (2007. Editio Musica Budapest)
Dsida Jenő (book and CD) (2007. Helikon - Gryllus)
A várakozás zsoltára (The psalm of awaiting) (DVD) (2006. MACs Records)
Megkopott harangszó (Worn-out bell-peals)(1456-1956) (book and CD) (2006. MACs Records)
Balassi – Mezőn széllel járók (Balassi – I go with wind on the meadow) (CD) (2004. authorized publication (MACs))
Ösvény (Woodpath)(CD+MC) (2002. MACs Records)
Ébredés (Awakening) (MC) (1999. MACs Records)


The legal representative of Misztrál Band is MACs Kft. (HU-1037 Budapest, Máyáshegy köz 9.).